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Bike Wheel Fix


Standard Bike Service- Includes clean, adjust, lubricate and regulate all parts and fitting of small parts, seatpost grease & minor wheel true. Includes checking but not dismantling of bottom bracket, headset or hubs, - £70

Full Bike Service- £120 Includes full strip down parts removal and parts washer clean; bottom bracket removal grease and replacement if necessary, full degrease/regrease. Replacement parts extra. Good for well-used bikes, heavy soil and competition/event preparation. 

Gear Service- Parts washer clean, adjust, re-index & lubricate gear parts. Includes hanger alignment and fitting of new parts & cables as required- £40 (parts extra)

Brake service- Clean, adjust, lubricate brake parts. Includes fitting of new cables or pads as required-  £40 (parts extra)

Wheel True- Adjust spoke tension - £24/wheel

Standard spoke fit -£5 including spoke (in addition to wheel true and other items)

Non standard spoke fit -£4

Remove/replace tyre/tube -£5

Remove & replace freewheel/cassette/disc rotor -£5 each

Replace Bottom Bracket- £60 with standard replacement or £45 plus part for non standard parts. Does not include press-fit. There may be an additional charge for damaged/highly corroded brackets.

Puncture- £18 with new tube. Self sealing fluid additional £5/tube

Hub gear rear wheel £24

Hub gear with chainguard £35

Hydraulic Brake Bleed- £25 per brake plus fluid.

On demand repair/parts fitting- £20 for up to 15 mins and £60 hr thereafter. Small jobs and parts fitting (not bought from us). We will give you a  firm estimate your job before we start.

Cable Replacement- £18/cable includes new inner cable. (additional fee for STI & concealed or internal run cables) 


Please note we can only store bikes in the workshop for a maximum of 2 days after completion Bikes will then be transferred to  our storage space  and charges of £5 per day will be applied. 

Please note we no longer assemble boxed bikes bought on the internet. Please think about buying a bike from a good local independent shop like Richmond Cycles or Crown Cycles or Moores. If not,  Halfords or Decathlon. They will make sure it is assembled, dispose of the packaging and provide an effective warranty service. 

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