Bike Wheel Fix


Standard Bike Service- Includes clean, adjust, lubricate and regulate all parts and fitting of small parts. Excludes checking but not dismantling of bottom bracket, headset or hubs- £60

Full Bike Service- £95 Includes full strip down parts removal and clean; bottom bracket replacement if necessary , full degrease/regrease in parts washer. Good for well-used bikes and competition/event preparation. 

Gear Service- Clean, adjust, lubricate gear parts. Includes fitting of new cables required- £35 (parts extra)

Brake service- Clean, adjust, lubricate gear parts. Includes fitting of new cables or pads as required- £18 per cable brake (parts extra)

Wheel True- Adjust spoke tension - £24/wheel

Standard spoke fit -£5 including spoke (in addition to wheel true and other items)

Non standard spoke fit -£4

Remove/replace tyre/tube -£5

Remove & replace freewheel/cassette/disc rotor -£5 each

Replace Bottom Bracket- £50 with standard replacement or £35 plus part for non standard parts. Does not include press-fit. There may be an additional charge for damaged/highly corroded brackets.

Puncture- £18 with new tube. Self sealing fluid additional £5/tube

Hub gear rear wheel £24

Hydraulic Brake Bleed- £25 per brake plus fluid.

On demand repair/parts fitting- £20 for up to 15 mins and £60 hr thereafter. Small jobs and parts fitting (not bought from us). We will give you a  firm estimate your job before we start.

Cable Replacement- £18/cable includes inner cable. (additional fee for STI & concealed internal run cables)